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The object of the society is to encourage the study of history of the Mount Druitt District, Rooty Hill, Plumpton and other localities. To promote the compilation of authentic records relating to these areas. To promote the interchange of historic information to the junior and senior educational facilities in our districts

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The Mount Druitt Historical Society Inc. Wishes to express their sincerew thanks to the wonderful guides at the St Bartholomews Church for their continued support.

The jewel in the crown of things you must see in Mount Druitt.

Home of the Mount Druitt Historical Society Inc. and packed full of historical information and photos of your local area.

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Our Shame File

St Johns Cemetary


The battle at Parramatta: Lennox Bridge

This message is from June Bullivant OAM who started the petition "NSW State Government: Save the 1836 David Lennox Heritage Listed Bridge, Parramatta," which you signed on Change.org.

Just read the minutes of the Heritage Council meeting of the 3rd October where there were seven people attended, two declared interests because they work for Parramatta Council, the architects acting for Council were allowed to make a presentation, so five people, yes 5 people made the decision to destroy the Lennox, can you believe it, we had two campaigns to fight this development one we achieved 141 people against the portals, the one we delivered today we had 134 people against it, many more people have emailed to these people that they are against destroying the Lennox, but five people, yes five people can overrule public opinion, and they are not accountable to anyone, does that tell you something.

If you think that we live in a democracy you are wrong. Sign our petition to fight this stupid decision, and make this people rescind it at https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/nsw-state-government-save-the-1836-david-lennox-heritage-listed-bridge-parramatta

Join us on Friday every fortnight

at the Manse Tea Room

for Tea and Scones ....

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Join us on the last Friday of the month

at the Manse Tea Room

for Tea and Scones ....

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Join us on Friday every fortnight

at the Manse Tea Room

for Tea and Scones ....

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Join us on Friday every fortnight

at the Manse Tea Room

for Tea and Scones ....

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Historical dig wanted on trust site


12 Mar, 2012 01:00 AM

RESIDENTS have called on Western Sydney Parklands Trust to do an archaeological dig on one of its proposed sites for a business hub in Eastern Creek.

They include Mt Druitt & District History Society Inc members who say there was an important historical white settlement in the area bounded by the Great Western Highway, the M7, Wallgrove Road and Rooty Hill Road South. (More...Click here)

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Southridge update

One of our members carried out our usual drive around the Mount Druitt Districts to see what stages our Heritage buildings were at and was excited to see the house Southridge that our "Fellow" George Nicolaidis and the Society have fought so hard to have restored was well underway.

Proposed event to be held at The Manse - 15th November 2014

Come and help us celebrate 100 years of the end of World War 1, the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Mount Druitt Chamber of Commerce and the recognition ceremony of our societies founding members (Kitty Ryan, Bill Sword and George Nicolaidis OAM FMDHS) There will be military displays, major events and much, much more. Anyone who had a family member who served in World War 1, contact Hazel Magann OAM FBDHS on (02) 8807 0169

Admission FREE

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Last updated 29 September 2014

Join us on Friday every fortnight

at the Manse Tea Room

for Tea and Scones ....

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Are you over 65 years of age? Did you live adjacent to the boundaries of Durham Street, Mount Druitt Road, Ropes Creek Road and Norfolk Street in Old Mount Druitt ? WE NEED YOUR HELP

Why? - We are researching the possibility of and old cemetery in the area. We are looking for stories, eyewitness accounts and especially photos. Contact: Hazel Magann OAM FBDHS on (02) 8807 0169 or Susan Fitzgerald (02) 9625 8297